How To Know When You Need Drive Shaft Repairs

Drive shaft

How To Know When You Need Drive Shaft Repairs


Driveshaft replacement is not something you’ll need often, but if there’s damage or components need repair, you risk catastrophic failure and total loss of control of the vehicle.

So, it’s pretty important to know the signs it may need attention.


What is a Driveshaft?


In very simple terms, the driveshaft transfers torque from the engine to the wheels.

The engine produces energy which goes into the transmission to be converted into usable torque. The driveshaft takes that torque to the wheels to move the vehicle.

To keep it lightweight, driveshafts are made hollow, usually from aluminium or steel, but they take a huge load, so over time can fail and develop issues.

A broken driveshaft won’t be able to take energy to the wheels and the vehicle will be immobilized.


Types of Driveshafts


Rear Wheel Drive

These vehicles have a central driveshaft connected to the transmission and the rear differential with universal joints.

Because all driveshafts have to have some movement to allow for suspension and obstacles on the road, yokes and slip joints enable flexibility.


4WD/All Wheel Drive

These vehicles combine the rear wheel driveshaft as well as a front driveshaft connected to the front differential and transfer case using u-joints.


Front Wheel Drive

Front wheel drives have CV shafts at the front of the vehicle – two smaller shafts connected to the transaxle which take the torque out to each wheel. CV joints connect the shafts to the front wheels. Some four-wheel and all-wheel drive also use CV joints, as well as some trucks.


Signs the Driveshaft Needs Repair


If any part of the driveshaft needs repair, it’s something you don’t push through. It needs immediate attention because it could cause extensive damage.

Look out for:

  • Vibrations or shuddering
  • Clunking, knocking or strange sounds
  • Difficulty turning or controlling the car
  • Squeaking noise at low speeds
  • Parts hanging from underneath

Any one of these could mean the driveshaft or joints need attention.

Driveshafts can also snap during accidents, so it’s important to check them over if you’ve been in a minor or major prang.


Driveshaft Repair


The vehicle is raised up on a hoist and outer parts removed, like skid plates and heat shields. The mechanic then unbolts the driveshaft to assess, along with joints and transmission seals.

Driveshaft Balancing Services Perth now has a complete stock of driveshafts and components ready to go, which means less time off road waiting for parts to arrive.

When all working parts are assembled, the driveshaft is then put back together.


When It’s Time for a Repair


A one-stop shop for all your differential solutions needs, DBS Perth is a family-owned and operated business providing mechanical and manufacturing services for all types of vehicles, including modified cars, 4WDs, mining vehicles and heavy trucks.


Driveshaft services include:

  • Balancing
  • Repairs
  • Manufacturing
  • Truck shafts
  • Universal joints (U-joints)
  • CV-joints
  • Centre bearings
  • Crimped universal joints
  • Machining


DBS Perth is a proud WA owned and operated business with over 15 years of experience and an expert team in all aspects of service, part sourcing and repair of vehicles components. DBS Perth are the premium Western Australian specialists in:

  • Drive shafts
  • Truck shafts
  • CV Joints
  • Differentials
  • Testing and Diagnostics
  • Mechanical servicing


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